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The 2014 MSI Science Summit


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Join The Call to Action to Improve the Nation's Diet

Optimum diets for health and wellness have been top of mind with government, academia, health professionals, the media and consumers for some time. Unfortunately, a tremendous gap remains between current dietary recommendations and actual practice. The summit was an ideal opportunity to engage key stakeholders in nutrition, government policy and consumer media in discussions about how healthy flavorful eating can enable consumers to successfully begin closing this gap. Summit participants helped crystallize the reality of the consumer challenge to eat a healthy diet and fostered discussions on how best to offer consumer solutions to enable sustainable flavorful, healthy eating.

Bringing together the best and brightest minds, this summit was designed to collaboratively jump start a national conversation on the role of spices and herbs in a flavorful and sustainable healthy diet.

Who Was Involved?

The Summit was sponsored by the McCormick Science Institute in partnership with the American Society for Nutrition:


Respected leaders in the food industry, leading academics from the research community, government officials, and key health and wellness communicators were invited to this unique, collaborative summit to raise the national consciousness of the role spices and herbs offer to sustainable, healthy eating. This summit harnessed the collective experience and creative talent of the academic, government and private sectors to partner in the design of sustainable solutions for healthier eating.


The Summit was facilitated for maximum collaboration and output by wide-ranging group experts described more in full here.

Why was this summit different?

This summit promoted engagement, collaboration and consensus building through presentation of new information, different perspectives and facilitated discussion.

It was an outcome directed conference that included specific action plans addressing:

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