McCormick Science Institute

Funding Guidelines


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The McCormick Science Institute (MSI) is dedicated to funding research that advances scientific knowledge of the potential health benefits of culinary spices and herbs.

The following conditions pertain to such research:

  • Areas of research that are considered for funding by MSI include in vitro and ex vivo experiments, studies on analytical methodology and/or determinations, observational studies and IRB-approved experiments with human subjects. MSI does not fund fully or partially any in vivo studies with experimental animals.
  • All research will be conducted with culinary spices and/or herbs approved for food use by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Research on botanicals or other substances not used for their sensory characteristics in foods will not be considered for funding.
  • The results of all research supported by MSI will be submitted for publication in a credible, peer-reviewed journal and for presentation at an appropriate national and/or international professional meeting. Travel expenses for attending such meetings can be included in the budget of proposals submitted to MSI.
  • The funding source for all studies supported by MSI will be fully disclosed in scientific publications.