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Recognizing researchers who advance the understanding of the health benefits of culinary spices and herbs

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MSI is guided by a scientific advisory council of internationally-renowned scientists and health professionals.

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Published reviews of scientific research on spices and herbs including potential health benefits

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The McCormick Science Institute is a research-driven organization whose mission is to support scientific research and disseminate information on the health benefits of culinary herbs and spices.

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Search MSI sponsored research from leading universities and research institutions.

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Search the scientific literature on spices, herbs and health.

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McCormick Science Institute

MSI Scientific Session at FENS

On October 22nd 2015, the McCormick Science Institute (MSI) took part in the 12th European Nutrition Conference (FENS 2015) conference in Berlin by hosting a symposium entitled "Spices and Herbs: improving public health through flavourful eating".

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