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MSI is guided by a scientific advisory council of internationally-renowned scientists and health professionals.

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The McCormick Science Institute is a research-driven organization whose mission is to support scientific research and disseminate information on the health benefits of culinary herbs and spices.

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McCormick Science Institute


The McCormick Science Institute is led by nutrition scientists and advised by a Scientific Advisory Council (SAC). The primary role of SAC members is to identify areas of research to be considered for funding by MSI.  Dr. Keith Ayoob is Associate Clinical Professor at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine.  He is a pediatric nutritionist and registered dietitian who works on obesity, heart health, and family dynamics and provides motivational counseling for parents and caregivers.  Dr. Britt Burton-Freemen is Associate Professor of Food Science and Nutrition at the Illinois Institute of Technology. Her research focuses on plant bioactives, specifically flavonoids, on disease risk endpoints. 

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