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Rosemary is the dried leaves of the evergreen Rosmarinus officinalis. The slender, slightly curved leaves resemble miniature curved pine needles. Normally hand harvested, the Rosemary plant grows about 2 to 3 feet tall and is very hardy as it grows under harsh mountainous conditions.


Rosemary is found in bouquet garni, herbes de Provence, and seasoning blends for lamb and Mediterranean cuisines.


The major producers of Rosemary are France, Spain/Portugal, and the "former Yugoslavia."


In ancient Greece, Rosemary was valued for its alleged ability to strengthen the brain and memory.  Also known as the "herb of remembrance." it was placed on the graves of English heroes.

Quick Facts

Rosemary Leaves Whole Whole Rosemary Leaves
Rosemary Crushed Crushed Rosemary



Flavor & Aroma

Sweet and fresh

Sensory Profile

Rosemary has a distinctive pine-woody aroma with camphoraceous undertones and a fresh, bittersweet flavor.
Health Research
: MSI Funded
Researchers at Johns Hopkins University studied the effects of a behavioral intervention, which emphasized spices and herbs, on the maintenance of sodium intake at the recommended intake of 1500 mg/d.
Clinical research conducted at the University of Georgia investigated whether a single dose of black pepper or rosemary produced short-term enhancements in sustained attention, motivation to perform cognitive tasks, or feelings of mental energy and fatigue.
Scientists from The University of California investigated the effect of consumption of a hamburger cooked with a polyphenol-rich spice mixture on postprandial lipid oxidation and endothelial dysfunction in men with Type 2 diabetes.

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