List of Culinary Spices & Herbs

The following is a list of 41 spices and herbs typically used in cuisine in the U.S. MSI is dedicated to advancing the knowledge of their potential health benefits.

Culinary Spices & Herbs Typically Used in The U.S.
Allspice Lemongrass
Anise Marjoram
Basil Mint
Bay Leaf Mustard
Black Cumin/Black Caraway Nutmeg/Mace
Black Pepper*/White Pepper Onion
Caraway Oregano*
Cardamom Paprika*
Celery Seed Parsley
Chervil Poppy Seed
Chive Red Pepper/Cayenne Pepper*
Cilantro Rosemary*
Cinnamon* Saffron
Clove* Sage*
Coriander Savory
Cumin* Sesame Seed
Dill Seed and Weed Tarragon
Fennel Thyme
Fenugreek Turmeric*
Garlic Vanilla*
*In focus at MSI
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