MSI Research Pillars

MSI research is focused on three broad areas related to spices and herbs:

Diet Quality

MSI is researching whether adding spices and herbs to nutrient-dense foods could help people choose a healthier diet. More..


MSI research is currently looking at how spices and herbs are affecting inflammatory biomarkers. More..

Weight Management

We are investigating whether spices can make small changes in thermogenesis and other metabolic factors. More..
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: MSI Funded

Researchers in the United Kingdom investigated consumer liking of lower salt tomato soup with herbs and spices.

More Diet Quality Research

Study on the effect on lipid peroxidation during cooking.

More Inflammation Research

Researchers in The Netherlands investigated whether there is an effect of capsaicin on appetite profile and ad libitum energy intake in Caucasians when 1.03 g of red pepper is added to meals with a normal fat and normal protein content in a 25% negative energy balance.

More Weight Management Research