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McCormick Science Institute Executive Director

Guy H. Johnson, Ph.D..Executive Director, McCormick Science Institute

Do spices and herbs used to season our foods promote good health? Would increased use of these seasonings lead to even greater health benefits? These are intriguing questions and scientific information on the ability of everyday herbs and spices to enhance the healthfulness of our diet is accumulating rapidly.

Scientific studies have already shown that many culinary spices and herbs are rich in antioxidants and other components that may have health benefits. Now, scientists are working to determine what, if any affect culinary spices and herbs could have on reducing inflammation, helping control body weight and improving the nutritional quality of our diets.

At the McCormick Science Institute, we are dedicated to advancing scientific understanding of the fundamental properties of culinary spices and herbs that show the potential to improve public health. We support research at leading academic and governmental institutions around the world to expand knowledge of how the human body may utilize the phytonutrients in herbs and spices to promote health.

MSI seeks to facilitate access to scientific findings for all stakeholders including scientists, health professionals, consumers and the food industry by disseminating information through this website and other channels, sponsoring seminars and forming partnerships with leading professional organizations. Through this work, we hope to realize the full potential of spices and herbs to improve health.

I hope you find this website to be a valuable resource. It is updated frequently and I encourage you to visit regularly to keep abreast of the many new developments in this exciting field.



Guy H. Johnson, Ph.D.

Executive Director

McCormick Science Institute





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