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MSI Funded Paper: Rosemary: An Overview of Potential Health Benefits

Singletary, K


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MSI Team

March 2016--An overview of the potential health benefits of rosemary, funded by the McCormick Science Institute.  An evaluation of the research is presented. 

The rosemary plant, Rosmarinus officinalis L (family Lamiaceae), is an aromatic evergreen shrub originating in the Mediterranean region and now growing widely in Europe, Asia, and Africa. This plant has been used extensively as a culinary spice in a variety of contexts. Rosemary and its extracts also are used as food preservatives and enhancers of sensory and functional properties. Today, research attention is focusing more closely on whether this herb may have potential to alleviate complications of obesity and diabetes, inflammation-associated conditions, and neurological deficits.


Singletary, K. Rosemary: An Overview of Potential Health Benefits. Nutrition Today. 2016 March/April: 51(2): 102-112. 

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